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It Goes In The Mouth

You miss me? I bet you lil’ mamma. Well you know what? I got something right here for you. It’s extra-phat and juicy. Ah yeah girl, I see that smile….

Let’s Get Busy Ladies

Welcome back to another rather scintillating week of fresh beats. Your boy S-Funkadellic back in the hizzouse with another handpicked selection of stanky-stank-stank-stankadellic ish’. Lick all that barbecue sauce off…

Buttered Toast

I’m really starting to enjoy the Saturday morning post as its become rather satisfying to ease into the day with some fresh beats and buttered toast. This selection is like…

Locking Myself In My Helmet

After an inspiring weekend and insufficient sleep I bring you a somewhat sloppy selection of hastily thrown together tracks. If I could find my head and screw it back on…


The Terrace

This is NOT a test. This is a guest post. Designed by Justin B. & Justen C. — two long time fans and House nerds with insufferably refined tastes. Two…

What Lies Behind The Door?

What lies behind the door? Everything and nothing or any mixture in between all simultaneously. If we never open the door what lies behind is most certainly right and wrong….