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Turning Pro

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. – Hunter S Thompson Heavy underground Tech. Anja Schneider – Circle Culture (Konstantin Sibold & Leif Muller Remix) Nice groovin’ vibe….

Sleazy Skid Stops

Good morning party people. Time to wipe the crud out of your eyes and the skid-marks off your “arse,” because we’re heading right back into the thick of things today….

Bumpin’ Underground

Wuddup party people? What’s humpin’? Who’s humpin’? Who are you humpin’? Today we’ll be humpin’ underground… And that’s what’s bumpin’. Subliminal meditation, underground exploration, deep down, in the sound, the…

The Wednesday Fix

Back once again with something dope, dank, and mixed with a little stank. If all you natural born underground hustlers are looking to get your fix, then look no further….

The Monday Bump

Just what you need in your times of need. Feeling a little… meh?  She’s tucked away in the corner of your pocket waiting, just waiting. You try to ignore her…

From The Gluttony

Hopefully everyone enjoyed a gluttonous American styled holiday weekend of beer, boats, hot dogs, and fireworks. I’d like to welcome the funk coalition back to earth for another week of…